Lexapro (escitalopram) could be recommended for clients identified with depression and stress and anxiety that have to keep their symptoms controlled. This medicine is planned for clients of at the very least 12 years of ages and is not supposed to be utilized for more youthful patients because there is a possibility of them developing some risky wellness effects. You need to not take Lexapro in addition to any monoamine oxidase preventions, as a sudden and extreme reaction may happen as a result of that. At the very least 14 days are supposed to pass from the moment you took a MAO inhibitor last. If you establish any sort of mood adjustments or various other symptoms of the kind - make certain you call your wellness care carrier when possible. Inform your medical professional regarding any type of clinical disorders you have actually ever before been diagnosed with, as this may be vital in determining your amount. The following conditions are expected to be stated: suicidal ideas, a record of drug liver, abuse or kidney disease, bipolar disorder, and seizures. If you happened to take excessive of Lexapro and get signs such as confusion, swift heart beat, seizures, puking, coma, queasiness, dizziness, and sweating, seek emergency clinical aid. Constantly take Lexapro specifically as prescribed.

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